How many WF apks can I install in the kw88.

How many WF apks can I install in the kw88. I saw in Smartwact Ticks , only one. has it changed?


Most of mine are 2MB, so I guess A lot, but I always recommend only to install what you need. Installing and uninstalling a WF takes just seconds. So why have a lot of unused WF on your watch. Save them in your cloudservice and install them from there when you want them.

@Jose_Luis_Lopez my kw88 accept many… I have 5/6.
I don’t know if have a limit.

With my app, you have hundred of WF with one APK…

Your app is VERY handy, but does not have the same functions. The watchfaces created the “manual” way as standalone apk are always visible, yours are getting in the background after switching.

Thanks for telling me, as i don’t have this watch, i don’t know that.

Hi guys … after updating my kw88 now i cannot get watch faces from apk even i install them but they r not showing now help me plz