How far we are?

I am a newbie in this matter,i am jus waiting for my GS01 to arrive this week,i just bought it for the design and everything else is same as the others SmartWatches, but, i have been searching,reading,looking all around and nothing so far, no even 70%  of this types of devices working as how its suppose to be,to bad.
So its like we have to wait for somebody to make this works,let me said something i know this kind of devices for long time but i didnt buy nothing yet because of this problems,jus for curiosity i did get one.
How much we have to wait again,we still believing in those Chineses gadgets(TOY),but the real true its all lie,i have been around on this matter, trust me.
I will put something in my side if somebody makes this dream come true.

try lemfo lem4, has big battery