How do FullAndroidWatches compare to Garmin watches? (in sports)


I don’t really do any sport, but I have a friend that is considering buying a Garmin watch to track his exersise.

I’d like to know if any of you own both watches, and how do they compare. Should I tell him to buy a FAW for sports, or is it better to buy a Garmin? He wants to use GPS and the heartrate sensor too.

With the OpenWatch Project we’re working on a clean Android 10 firmware for our watches which (hopefully) will also be compatible with Android Wear apps. However, I’m asking considering the stock firmware with Android 7.1.1.

Any feedback is welcome!


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Hi . I do a lot of running and have tested all my FAW for running using sim and gps using My running app .

The prime / SO8 / Lem10 etc will lose a quarter of a mile over a 6.5 mile run always and these are the most accurate i have used . This is compared against a iphone and samsung s9 . So basically when i do my 6.5 mile runs i am a little short of the distance . I think for the price this is good .

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Faw watches do a little bit of everything, but not perfect… Garmin watches are used by professional athletes, they give the most accurate measurements. If your friend is passionate with sports, it’s an investment to buy a watch like this… I have a 5yo Garmin forerunner 220, which I don’t use anymore when I run (because it hasn’t a music player and Sim slot) and I don’t want to sell it, although alot of my friends ask for it for about 100€ (180 costed to me). It’s a professional tool.


I just ran 11.84km according to my lemfo lem10.
The gpx route I created with openrouteservice was supposed to be 11.8km, if there’s rounding down to single digit, it means it’s spot on. This is through, in large parts, thick forrest.


Thanks for all the feedback!

I’ll send this page to my friend so he can decide.

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well. be adviced I use smart bluetooth pulsebelt as I can’t use really the built-in hr monitor.
works great and cost like 8 euros in stores