Hourly weather watch face

I have searched widely but couldn’t find any watch face which shows hourly weather. Wondering is it not possible… or is it just hidden from me?

There’s no per hour weather, that’s why you will not find skins with that.

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You can set up a link on a watchface. You can open an app directly from the watchface that displays the information you want.

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Just a thought on the possibility of achieving hourly weather on the watch face… Let’s say a separate script creates a background image with the hourly weather and dumps it into the clockskin folder periodically. Then will the clockface engine update the background image every time it sees a new background image. Or does the clockface engine renders everything only once when it is initiated…?

Another question is… does the array type 10 & 11 provide only the current value…?

Yeah that is possible…Thanks.

The stock launcher renders several times per second everything, including weather. If the weather information gets updated it will show it. But it’s not.
If you want this feature, you can use my launcher.

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Thanks for the help. I am using your launcher, let me know if there are any watchface with hourly weather that will work with your launcher. Regards.

He already did…