Hi to all - I own a new KW88 and have been trying to

Hi to all - I own a new KW88 and have been trying to install custom watch faces to my watch. APK files. My watch has the most current operating system and I have read and duplicated the clock_skin_model.png and renamed it to img_clock_preview.png and installed the entire watch file into my watch but the watch face does not come up. Am I missing anything ? I have the file installed into labeled ClockSkin as the vids instruct ? What am I missing … Any help would be great as I am new to this … Thanks !

The clockskin folder must be lowercase

Hi…thanks for your reply…I have done this and restarted the watch and I still cannot get any watch faces to come up ?

If you update ota then don’t use apk.

Which ones should I use

rebooting your kw88

@Mike_T https://youtu.be/5ADGwMKp_Bo

@Mike_T https://youtu.be/5ADGwMKp_Bo

@Mike_T https://youtu.be/5ADGwMKp_Bo

Rafael ,

Thanks for this …I have reviewed these videos 10× over in the last few days …my build # is 20170112
Thanks for your help …I will keep trying ?

I’m not good Englash ^^

@Mike_T It’s the same firmware as me.

Does the clockskin folder need to be within any specific sub folder .

@Mike_T I do not understand what you mean.
I think I am not good at English.
Anyway, the location of the clockskin folder should be at the root of the sdcard. Use the explorer app.
And now you can not use the watch face apk.

Thank You …It is working now !! I rebooted the operating system.

@Mike_T If you take a tip, you can add a watch face that will crash and you do not need to reboot.
That’s what happens in the video I linked to.

see: https://plus.google.com/collection/US52ME

Thank You for your help …I was doing everything correctly but for some reason the reset resolved everything. .Thanks also for the tip…