Hi. This is my new design, looks pretty fun.

Hi. This is my new design, looks pretty fun.
Based on TRON ( http://disney.com.au/tron/)
Sofware used: Photoshop & ClockSkin maker
please give me a feedback about it. Thanks for watching.


I’ts your work, and no copy from existing watches, right?

Yes.It’s totally my work . I do not know if any same idea or not? :slight_smile:

@Cao_C_ng_Nguy_n No problem, just asked. Looks good.

@Cao_C_ng_Nguy_n nice face - please credit the Tron trademark - not sure who owns it but it needs to be added to your top post…


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I don’t know about this, thank you for reminding me. Can you tell me more specifically about that? sorry my english is not good :slight_smile:

@Cao_C_ng_Nguy_n No specific things, just add the link what I showed above, when you will upload this.

@zsolt_m I have updated this post. If there is something wrong please let me know. thank you! :smiley:

Nice work! :slight_smile:

@Cao_C_ng_Nguy_n thanks - very nice :slight_smile:

Perfect man!