Hi, this is a SEIKO Prospex Padi Solar,

Hi, this is a SEIKO Prospex Padi Solar, Oh yes I like the blue watches !!
Original design by SEIKO https://www.seikowatches.com/
Clockskin Design by David Teboul.
Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Ulb7UMmrQ5aG9DNEJ2czRsdXc


The real watch :
missing/deleted image from Google+

Hi please can you Share that amazing watch face on Dropbox? pleaseplase

Can you share it in apk?

Good afternoon! Can you make a watch face of Fossil (for Finow X5 plus)? My original watch is broken, but I like it and really want to have this watch face! I think many will like it!

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

@David_Teboul Wow!!! ))))) it’s impossible))) How can I get it?

@Sergey_Marusich ​ it’s for you for 400$ … No, i’m joking, I’ll update it on the group page today … :wink::upside_down_face:

@David_Teboul ​ ))) Thank you VERY MUCH My friend!!! Now I am happy! this is a great job! You are Grand Master!

Hi sir i really like the watch face you’ve created kindly please give me link to download the watch face im new to android watch just got mine yesterday thank you.

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