Hi there, I've been beavering away with CSM trying to create the perfect clock

Hi there, I’ve been beavering away with CSM trying to create the perfect clock face, but have struck a snag with support for truetype fonts. I have collected hundreds of cool free TTF fonts, but I’m finding CSM doesn’t accept many of them for making arrays. Does anyone know of a trick, other than laborious overwriting of graphics using Gimp, to make CSM accept what are obviously TTF fonts?

Hrm- don’t know what to tell you as to why it’s not working. Every face I’ve made pretty much so far uses custom fonts people have either made, or I’ve collected from free font sites. I have had absolutely no problems other then making sure each font displays correctly when applied.

Yes, there is an old issue in .net components that not allowed to use certain ttf fonts. (Microsoft has not fixed this).
The solution provided by @Alex_Sadov ​ is good.

@Ricardo_Romero thanks Ricardo :slight_smile:

@Ricardo_Romero I don’t have Photoshop, but it sounds like Alex’s solution is just to edit each PNG one at a time? I can do that in Gimp, but it will take a long time to replace them all, because there are 70 PNG’s that I would need to convert to the font I wish to use.

I’ve only ever made font sets as individual .png files… it can take a very long time…

@Chris_Wilkinson ​ yes, I understand … Really, the array generator was created as a simple help and need some improvement. I will study to see if there is a another way to allow the use of TTF.

And don’t forget that you can make a donation to Ricardo Romero, the man behind CSM… :slight_smile:

It does not surprise me that .NET can be fussy with truetypes - I wonder if an opensource library such as freetype might be useful instead? Excellent work on CSM @Ricardo_Romero , the array generator is pretty awesome regardless of the truetype issues, as it saves hours of work. :slight_smile: