Hi there! I'm interested in the LEMFO LEM4 PRO but watching the few videos

Hi there!

I’m interested in the LEMFO LEM4 PRO but watching the few videos about it it seems to have screen tearing (like the lack of v-sync) on the laucher and some fast movements. I’ve read that the screen is SPI and because of that the refresh rate may be subpar and only refresh at 30hz, and that could also create the screen tearing. Can anybody with the watch comment about it? Is there any update that fixes it or makes it better? And have anybody tried any console emulators (like gameboy advance) to check how the watch performs and if the screen does the tearing with thoses ( i believe it will run it like a breeze with that SOC). I’m planning to use it as a mini handheld emulator, so the screen refresh is kinda important for this.

Thanks in advance

I don;t think you will have any problems with what you want to use it for with it’s specs as you said it should breeze through :slight_smile:

@A_Kinsella Thanks for the response. But could you coment about the screen? Is it really 60hz or only 30fps? and does it shows screen tearing? When you scroll down something, doesn’t the screen lag comparing to other smartwatchs (like the LEM4/DM98)? It really seems laggy to me and i know it is not lack of power :confused:

@Luis_Martins Absolutely not it is 10x faster than the Lem4/Dm98 and has a 3d graphics processor that the Dm98 lacked.:slight_smile: No lag what so ever and plays movie extremely smooth.

@Luis_Martins I have to disagree, my LEM4Pro have the issue you describe : bad refresh rate. In everyday use, it’s not important, you won’t see that on your skins, but only when scrolling fast you’ll see the screen tearing…

@Eric_Crochemore Thanks for all the replies.
Just what i was afraid of :confused: Could someone who owns this watch test some emulator like Myboy or Drastic to check how the screen responds to the fast movements and how snappy it really is?

Thank you once again

@Luis_Martins Just installed MyBoy and it works perfect, but it’s hard to play with having the control key emulated on a so small screen… maybe a child could do it…

Probably use a BT controller/keyboard to play the games…
On screen controls will be difficult

@Luis_Martins Yes only when scrolling fast and I mean really fast (tearing) but as I have said it will be fine for what you need it for with BT controller.

Thanks again for the replies.
I have a tiny bluetooth gamepad that i ordered and was planning to take it apart and mount it on a 3d printed case that would fit around the Lem4 pro, to ressemble a gameboy micro, but with more buttons, so that’s not a problem :wink:

The screen refresh is important because a lots of games have fast movements.
To give you an example heres a video comparison of some games played at 30 vs 60 fps : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zquClG3j9so

By the away, does the LEM4 PRO plays 60fps videos on youtube? Can you tell any diference in the video i posted in the watch?

@Luis_Martins Check this out and tell me what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQb9bxRCQB8

@A_Kinsella Already saw that video. As a matter of fact, i posted a coment there asking the same thing i asked here 12 hours ago :wink: The problem with that video is that it is recorded at very low quality and at 360p on youtube, the max fps it can show is 30 fps so it doesn’t help here. If someone recorded that gameplay (or any other game gameplay that can run at 60fps) with a good camera (almost any phone nowadays can record at 60fps, i guess) then it would help to check how the screen behaves.
Really, i’m not guessing the power of the watch, i know it can handle those games and more. But having the power to render the games well but then being limited by a display that cant show us that image right because of the type of the screen used is a shame :confused:

@Luis_Martins All good. It’s the only one that will come close to doing what you want and being rectangle so Lem4 pro or nothing at this stage.