Hi there here an reupload of a watchface made by +Jacek Klodzinski i just

Hi there here an reupload of a watchface made by +Jacek Klodzinski i just added some details and made the gear rotate, reduced the glass effect on the original watch. Thanks to Jacek who gave me the permission to do a reupload.
As usual have fun and enjoy!
Should work with both types of our watches with standard engine.
Credits: @Jacek_Klodzinski
Credits: https://www.christopheclaret.com/en/
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/177xU7DeBtJJfiPqxlcmHfBgbXXKdQi-Y/view?usp=sharing


Looks crisper. TY!:clown_face:

That’s really nice.
Obviously @Jacek_Klodzinski knows about this? :+1::+1:

Great job. I have an original from the maestro Jacek Klodzinski in the archive. Thank you very much.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yes, I know :slight_smile:

I saw no shading compare with the original

@Mauldi_Wirastomo no shadow on the hands? Or what do you mean? Greets

Wow, great! You are still an artist!

really nicely done!!

Nice, I like it.
But why the balance wheel is under the layer of the date numbers?

@Manu_J1 ohh didn’t seen that I lol correct and post it. Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst Original clock screen have more light in 5 o’clock side
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Mauldi_Wirastomo yep I didn’t like that and removed it greets

In real watch, Is the clock hands upfront of snake tale or below the snake tale ?

They are above the tail but I wanted to make it more 3D and made it this way, my way hehe

@Jurgen_Oberst Haha… understand… :+1: