Hi there another Weide replica interpretation of mine. Works with stock launcher.

Hi there another Weide replica interpretation of mine.
Works with stock launcher.
Have fun enjoy!
Credidts: http://www.weidewatch.com

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All x seres skin , like this one, must work with and without universal launcher, on the x series watches, thats why we have this category. No need mention that. thanks

And all x series skin will work in all watches, with universal launcher.

very nice I like it !!!

Nice, Nice! Thank you

@Jurgen_Oberst thanks :slight_smile:

Very nice m8. To be honest, I prefer your version than the original Weide. Seems Casio has made this watch look, long time ago before Weide. cmiiw

@MoAn thanks :slight_smile: yep the chinese wachmakers copy a lot from other brands always been that way since i remember :slight_smile: Greets!

@zsolt_m its not completely right that all faces in this category are working with universal-launcher. All my text-in-time faces need the exact screen solution 400×400px. Erics launcher did some minimal internal scale, so it’s not possible to use any kind of polarizing filter. I couldn’t find any work around.

@G1NT0N1C Right, except yours. :slight_smile:

@G1NT0N1C I don’t think it’s because of the scaling. I believe it’s because Eric’s launcher (and WFD) support floating-point locations, while the stock launcher only supports integer locations. That means that if you’re using an image that has a width of 51, then on Eric’s launcher, the middle pixel will be at 25.5, while on stock launcher it will be at 25 or 26 (depending if it rounds or not). A solution might be to simply translate the layers by 0.5, but that must be done on Eric’s launcher. Look at the effect on WFD (even scaling the watch):

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Marco_Ferreira Yes, you are right. This seems to be the problem. I’ve tried to solve it for so many hours, but I can’t find a solution. It’s a pity, cause I really like Eric’s launcher. May be Eric find the time to look for a solution some day.
I also tried to rebuild my watchfaces in watchface Maker, but it also dosn’t work, cause not all needed funktions are working in universal-launcher.

Great job :slight_smile: Like it. Regards to all.

Beautiful Face. Thanks.