Hi Pablo Eleven, I’m thinking about getting a lem3,

Hi Pablo Eleven,
I’m thinking about getting a lem3, after comparing it against the Kw88, on 11/11 then I saw the lem5, that I really like, but I think I’m still going for the lem3 due to its water resistance capability. I think I ve read in one of your post that lem5 is slightly cheaper than is equivalent in other brand because of a class B material of the glass. ¿Do you know if this happens also with lem3. If that’s the case, which one would be the alternative brand and model?
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Zeblaze blitz
Gorilla glass

Thank you Fabio…
But do you know if there are any other differences?, I think now that I made a mistake, and Pablo was referring to the screen not the glass.
Thanks for answering so fast… :wink:

Thank you both, I really appreciate you help.

@fevama_vama hey, i’m sorry but since it is’nt related to watch faces i will have to remove the post, you are welcome to post a thread on the site itself, thanks.

Hi Sonia, my apologies, thanks for the advice. I’m new on G+ And I guess I wrote my question in the wrong place, Is just that I was looking at the faces for my next new watch :wink: when I run into the that comment and the question came to me. Ill try my best so it won’t happen again.

@fevama_vama in any questions ask freely on the site:)

I see some costomers feedback on ali express lemfo official store about lem3 70% costomers are taking about battery is not good . Pls check costomer feed back on lemfo store

i have a LEM5 a few days now… Battery rocks almost 15 hours average use. Screen is amazing and also rain resistant.