Hi, new to community.

Hi, new to community. How do I download the watch faces and make it work on my Lemfo LES2?

Also obviously looking to learn how to donate as I do not want free rides.

Thanks guys.

@Noah_Shonka come over to our technical support forum and have a look around. There are plenty of “how to guides” and many individual sections http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/

Also look at our YT channel with video for clockskin faces. All links are in the community description.

Thanks for the advice. I downloaded the WatchClockSkin app for android and got the watch faces to work on my phone. When I scale down the watch faces to -24, they are still 2 inches in diameter. When I received my Lemfo LES2, am hoping that they are smaller than that. That would be my guess though, bc the screen on the LES2 is 1.3 inches, and the KW88 is 1.39 inches.

@Noah_Shonka probably best to say in support thread