Hi New hear Had my NO D5 about a week now great watch however

New hear
Had my NO D5 about a week now great watch however I can’t connect to wife, the watch tethers well to my S6 Edge
I have always had the ST and had no problems connecting with that watch.
So I bought the D5 after reading the reviews on it and all the great clockskinsI have seen on here and the XDA site.
Has anybody else had this problem with the D5 I reside in the UK.
Regards Dave

Ha Ha - I assume wifi rather than wife? I’m in UK too & there is no problem connecting to Sky wifi router. PS If you do find a way of connecting to your ‘wife’ please let us know.

Lol it should have said WI FI and No1 D5 and also S8 Smart watch senior moments ha not got a wife don’t want one

A little more information needed here.
What happens when you try to connect?
What are you connecting to?
A photo or 2 goes a long way to helping capture the moment when the error occurs…

Hi Pablo
I have dug deeper about the WiFi problem it’s connecting but the signal is reading fair and then good it’s up and down but I am in a built up area so that could be the problem.
Thank you for your response anyway

That sounds like an antenna issue unfortunately. This is in the strap. Sometimes it’s worth removing the rear cover and checking that all the antenna connections are good. They will be the wire connections nearest the straps on the board inside the watch. Be very careful in there though.

Best post I’ve read in a while…

Ha Ha very funny