Hi, My Domino DM368 said he has a system update.


My Domino DM368 said he has a system update. So I updated and now I am stuck in the boot up screen… (See below).
If I press the button on the watch (long or short doesn’t matter) the watch restarts to the same screen.

HELP!!! Somebody knows a fix?

I don’t know if the post by Pablo just below yours explains the issue for your watch.

Stephan, I think that is another problem, mine doesn’t even boot up anymore.

Did you check that your watch has the hehui firmware before flashing ?

No, I didn’t check that.

Ok, well I think you should flash it again. If it was the wrong one you would not even see the recovery screen. Make sure that your drivers are installed and the watch is powered off.
Please read all the flashing guides and watch the videos. Make sure you know what you are doing. Use the firmware upgrade option in SP Tool.
All the info you need is over in the technical forum. That’s where you should have asked this question.
This community is really aimed at artwork for watch faces.

Thanks. I will have a look at it! And sorry for posting at the wrong place :see_no_evil:

@Rolf_de_Gier It’s all good. I don’t know why people don’t read the first post…

This happens to my DM368 twice and I found out that if your watch was rooted (like using kingroot) and then you updated it without removing the root access, you will encounter that problem. The only way is to flash it back to stock firmware and update it without root.

Well that’s a given. You should never take an OTA if you are rooted.

I didn’t know :cry: And (for some reason) I can’t install the drivers on my pc, so the watch is not recognized, and the flashing is thus not possible. Am on the point of trowing the thing out of the window and buy an Android Wear watch…

@Rolf_de_Gier good alternative or S3 frontier…

@Rolf_de_Gier did you install the driver as Administrator?

Yes, I did. It asked for a signature. So I disabled that in Windows. And still not possible.

Check this out @Rolf_de_Gier

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 You saved my watch! At 5:25 in the video, he uninstalled the driver with leaving the tickbox open. This is what I did wrong.
Now I could flash etc. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Hey, no problem. Glad I could help. That’s why we’re here :slight_smile: @Rolf_de_Gier