Hi My design face watch.

My design face watch. Enjoy and “+1” for good karma
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ci89smnw8fq5s74/lackenart+heart+vnp.rar


This is your design? No credits to other designers?

Many Thanks. This Face is unique “lackenart“ design. Perfekt Colors and a great Gearplay.

nice job, thank`s

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Here is the 2nd you ask this question to each of my designs. who are you??? If you are admin, Please show respect for the People come here Dedication for the page.
(Again I say is designed by me) !

yes I am one of four admin staff who look after this site.
No need to get upset.
I don’t mean to offended you but we have to check that the work is ok. I saw @Di_Di comment and I realise that this is original work.
Excuse my questions please - we have been threatened and had situations in the past which have left us having to be sure that all the work presented here is Ok.
Some work has been posted here that was not Ok and we now have to check.
I have great respect for you and all our designers. Please understand that because we have had trouble in the past - we just want to avoid legal issues.

Thanks for the contribution and thanks for understanding.

Nice, really nice; lovely shades of blue and grey !