Hi members, Does anybody experience some times the speaker in the KW88 does not

Hi members,

Does anybody experience some times the speaker in the KW88 does not work when calling a number?
I experience such from time to time but after I clear the Apps in the quick menu it solve it some how.
this to me some how either related to memory or due to that the watch is alerted to receive voice recognition commands…this is my best guess.

Is there any solution for such?

your help and comments are appreciated.

@Khalid_Naji ​ Yes it is a bug on the KW88. While on the call if you can’t hear anything, just swipe to the right about 2 times till you can get to press the option to return to the call in progress. It’s a workaround.

If i am clearing all apps and having only the dialer active from the quick menu it seems never happens.
Thanks for your workaround tip my dear.

Thank you Miguel…
The workaround is super.

I’m glad it’s working for you. Both the I2 and Kw88 have this problem. It’s a sinsoft firmware bug…

It was also in my zeblaze before the recent firmware as I noticed.
Anyways many thanks for the workaround.

I hope these companies take little extra care of their quality controls.

i’m just wondering why they’re not releasing any software updates to fix this problem.

Just careless… I receive tones of emails for watch branding and setups etc. Simply hit and run attitude and you find your path.

This is the difference between big and small companies…this is life.

This behavior also on the ZGPAX S99. Thanks @Khalid_Naji ​ for the tip, but still having to swipe to get sound even after clearing all apps.

Thank you all…it is a great forum all together…and tons of embedded learning.

@Miguel_Tan I have a nasty feeling it’s because both the manufacturers are about to release new watches…
I hope this is not the case.