Hi. Just received My D5 a couple of days ago.

Hi. Just received My D5 a couple of days ago. I have been reading about the watch, but I found only a few comments about one thing that I really would apreciate that works better: rotate to wake. I noticed that it fails a lot. For me it’s a great function that needs to be improved. Wake the smartwach without touching a real button is great, not only to prevent damage. Wake up the watch with a movement of the wrist is good when your hands are dirty (and yes, mine are dirty much time). Lokifish, I’ve read your comment about it in xda but, what do you think? Could it be improved? Don’t know if other people think like me that it is a pity that it doesn’t function better. Excuse my english.

The problem that you can probably see is not really a problem. (I thought same before reading that I’m going to tell you). When you are walking it does not work(on purpose), just when you stop walking it works again. Try it!

Try out this app. Be sure to disable the stock one. I don’t think they will work together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moYOvQ1EVVs

My D5 fails much more . Despite what Enrique has said about waking walking around , my D5 does not wake fine even when I am standing or sitting. I’m testing the free version of that app SmartWatch Ticks. It is working well for the moment. Pro version is cheap and I don’t dismiss buying it if it works properly. Let you know about it. Thanks to all!

Like Enrique Corral said, I only find difficult to wake up through wrist movement when walking. It works most of the times when standing still.

I have been testing the app at night, I was working. It works very well, the smartwatch wakes instantly without failure. But… It’s a pity… It drains the battery very quick.

Yes, I understand. So… seems to be difficult to improve… My D5 without a little help still failing. Thanks.