Hi! I'm working with my d5 to make as much juice as possible using

Hi! I’m working with my d5 to make as much juice as possible using Swapp Link. Isn’t it the only way to have notofication?

But, is there a way to use Swapp instead of build in launcher? I just dont want to search for swapp link app every time i want use companion. Maybe there is a way to see this app instead of Health or Weather on main screen?

Any sugestion how make my watch as comapnion as posible?

Please consider adding your six step process to the FAQ section, Loki. We’ve needed this. Thanks

@Lokifish_Marz yea I probably will end up with that configuration which you described. The only thing which was perfect for me in swapp link was that i had notification of call to my phone i could see who is calling and make some decisions to answer (when my phone is instaled in car and to fsr to reach it easly) or discard call when I’m at the meeting and I can see who is trying to reach me without using phone. For me that was the main case… set up a call on watch from my phone and enable loud speaker - that was perfect too…

But I agree with your sugestion swapp link - what the hell is it? a lanucher a app? What’s the deal…

If you guys know the way to achive those things I would be satisfied with my d5.