Hi Im new in the smart watch area and I buy KW88 And I

Hi Im new in the smart watch area and I buy KW88
And I have 2 questions:

  1. How can I add new watch faces?
  2. Can I add the watch face like the photo?(gear s2)


I would love to do that 2 … However i only found 1 that is similar to that one… The diference is that the one i found is blue… (Its not so cool) :frowning:

That looks like a VERY easy face to make… there are a few options (and I suggest you start to read the older postings - try searching “Smash Smashin” for starters) but an apk face like that (one face and three hands) would be no problem…

Here’s something similar that you can use to start your conversion process (to apk)…

Here is a photo…

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@Andrew_Davis can you send me APK for this watch face?