Hi, I'm havin a strange trouble with my D5,

Hi, I’m havin a strange trouble with my D5, all my Counterwise spinning turns “clockwise” on the watch, even on original faces
my watch: D5, 4.4.2 android, custom build v.s.151223
have someone the same prob as mine?

Build 151223 is a very old firmware version. I suggest you to update the firmware to one of the newer version:

  • X3 firmware build 20160530 shared by @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11
  • No. D5 firmware build 20160310
  • Imperium W812a ROM v1.2.0 by @Lokifish_Marz
    They all are available in the Firmware section

@Ludovic_Bruisson about compatibility, the question was already answered and if you read the community info you’ll find that compatibility is by hardware group, that means the X1, D5, X3, K9 are all member of the W812 group so they all can use same firmwares and recoveries.
Full change list is only available for Imperium ROM, while only few info are available for official ROMs

Hey gang, from what I recall, and yes, this stuff is like little needles in a ever growing haystack of messages posted both here and on XDA, there are a couple of design things to be aware about. In the original original D5 software, back before there was an X1, the tag didn’t work at all. Then came along a firmware update. Where 1 was supposed to mean rotate clockwise, and 2 was supposed to mean rotate counterclockwise, it didn’t work that way.
Instead, 1 does nothing and 2 says reverse direction for this layer and all layers coming after this one. That ‘error’ in implementation seems to have stuck through all watches, all firmwares so far. That’s the first thing to know.

The second thing, and it applies to watches not discussed here and platforms yet to come, possibly because of Android 5.1, is this: Those who design using image (PNG) files that start with a dot (starting with a dot tends to make the files invisible on some operating systems, like Mac) have a serious problem. The clock engine does not recognize them as valid image files and skips them. Fancy hands, gears, and entire backdrops have simply disappeared as a result.

I don’t know if this is a change to the clock engine or because of an upgrade in the OS or something else. Just be aware it is here, and it is probably here to stay in new watches that allow addition of watch faces from developers like you.

Finally, there may be more subtle (or gross) programming issues affecting different OS and/or firmware versions yet to be discovered, and it would be good to bubble them up from time to time like this when a creative developer hits the same potholes in the software road. Remember, if you know of a specific message in this G+ community that applies, you can go to that message, tap the little fork symbol, copy the message link address, then come back and paste it in your message before posting, like this: https://plus.google.com/100559061535010466807/posts/6EghGPKoSUP

You can always edit your post as well and add a reference link if you find one. It’s way too much work for our site monitors to constantly be hunting these things down, so if we all chip in, like I’m trying to do now, and help each other out, this ever growing and popular G+ community can become a real asset rather than a grand repository of disjointed information. Thanks gang!