Hi I want to purchase X5 plus,


I want to purchase X5 plus, but on XDA forum i hve read couple of comments, they said dont buy coz it has bad firmware and some other probkems,

Is it true¿ i understand if it is firmware problem then its ok for me as it would be resolved in future with when good firmware will be available.

If it has some hardware issue of any kind like main board, battery or screen etc then please let me know and suggest me a better alternative.


I purchase it from 2 weeks ago, and it’s a good watch. The screen it’s amazing and the OS very better that the Old of first X5 or X3 plus. For the look, i preferd the x3 plus, i look best quality, but X5+ is very good product. The firmware is Update reguraly…

Ok. Thanks Banjamin for sharing your experience