Hi, i´m new to these community but i feel quite good about seeing all

Hi, i´m new to these community but i feel quite good about seeing all the good work and support between members.

I just bought a No.1 D5 and it´s quite a good watch, i only have one little problem, i´m using it with an iPhone 6s Plus, and notifications works but the watch never vibrate, i check all the settings to do so, the firmware on the watch is vs 160530 from may 30 2016, do you recommend any other firmware or version more stable and maybe with less bugs??


I have vibrate for incoming calls checked - not sure if it makes a difference or not. There are apps on the Play store for notifications which help though.

You sure it’s a D5 and not D6? A number of users on XDA have discovered that the d6 does in fact not have a vibration motor.

Thank you for your answer, I also checked vibrate for incoming calls but it doesn’t matter it do not vibrate, someone else is using the D5 with an iPhone ?

Dear Pablo which firmware do you recommend ?

@Inceptual_Games it is a D5 model , in settings model number is D5

Well I finally fixed, looks like the little motor was stuck or something like that, I follow your advice Pablo and meanwhile it was running a utility to make it vibrate I shake it a bit and suddenly start vibrating, I tested a little more and looks like it’s now working fine after a reboot also. I still don’t feel very convinced about the firmware yet , somewhere a read the firmware from January was the best or at least less buggy , so far I found a great hardware with “good” software but with a lot of potential.

hey that’s a relief :slight_smile:
I was just about to suggest flashing firmware but you got it sorted.
One of the things about these watches is that little things like this with moving parts get stuck when not used for a long time. Your watch may have been produced some time ago and has been sitting around without use.
That’s why the shaking motion fixed it probably. Great result :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask any other advise here. Welcome aboard.