hi i just get my finow x5 plus. and i cant install app facer..

i just get my finow x5 plus.
and i cant install app facer…
how can i get cool faces to my watch ?
like omega…rolex and stuff ty for helpers!

I can’t believe it. Today I answered the same question 4 times!!!
Please read the previous posts and use the search tool.

did see… im new with all this google+ … so i didnt find any thing… i try download faces alon and install them but some reason my comp dosent open the folder of the watch = so icant transfer things

Ok, step-by-step guide is on the forum, here:

Just add an folder thats named “Clockskin” and put the extracted watch face folder into it and your done. Restart the watch when added a watch face and you should see it. :wink:

ok tnx.
i have onther problem after i conect the watch at the first time to computer i cant connect im againe … i dont understand y i try to update it in connectors but its still dont work =

Normally the PC should recognise the watch every time when its connected to the USB port. So if it doesnt do that than mabe reset the watch or take the battery out and in again!? Notice when you reset the watch all the apps and added watch faces are gone.


thank u all . i got it… fix everthing and now all work good ty!