Hi. I have No1 D5.

Hi. I have No1 D5. Tried latest firmware (from march), also I tried the X3 firmware, seems to be more stable, but I have the same issues:

  1. battery drain, used bluetooth only paired with phone
  2. Disconnect often from phone. Resetting the device not resolve this problems. Only a new pairing.

What can I do?

Unfortunately these watches have a terrible Bluetooth stack which has been stripped down and is unreliable.
It can never really be used as a companion watch in the real sense of the word.
You really need a sim card for these watches.

Is anybody able to cook a simple rom for this devices? I don’t need cellular or gps, even google playstore is not usable on that tiny screen. to bad that xda developers are not envolved anymore.

we are from XDA - lol
What is it you need?

@Will_Smith The connection between D5 and my phone is the main problem. I’ve tried with another phone, the same. Works well, but after some period of time the connection is lost, and it not link again until I’ll pairing again! Strange is that: blutooth set “off” and iPhone see it and “pair” with it, sometimes is receiveng all, sometimes not!

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I’ve told you already: a simple rom cooked to work stable. With a good battery life. I don’t need to install any app on phone or using with sim or gps. But when the phone rings or receive a message I want that to apear on my watch, no time to time!!! Can you do something like that? Maybe to port some from other model?

@Dan_Mincea sorry but it’s not a Wear watch. It is a standalone watch-phone. It’s not a case of “building a rom”. We have custom roms for it but not sync style Wear type roms. It can’t be done without MTK source code (never gonna happen) and Wear does not run on 4.4 anymore anyway.
Sorry mate.

So, I must try X1,X3 roms? Have you a suggested one?

They are no different to the one you have now - in the respect of pairing with a phone…
The only changes made were to the watch face engine and slightly better battery life.
The X3 firmware I posted in the firmware section is the best of them If you flash it make sure you use download only in SP Tools and do not flash the preloader

@Dan_Mincea The D5 firmware is similar to the X1.
If it doesn’t work,you may turn to retailers for help.

@Will_Smith Have you try it? What is the best battery life with it?

Mine is a D6.
There are apps and settings that cause the inaccurate reading, so check everything thoroughly to make sure there isn’t anything that might interfere with the battery reading, or any alternative apps you may have installed to show the battery life.
Sometimes a custom Launcher downloaded from the Play store can have sensitive permissions that override the system, which is one of the problems that many have had with the watch. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with the watch, it’s just the software we put on it cause problems at times. The same goes for our smartphones, in fact it’s happened to my phone a couple of times, and I simply uninstalled certain apps that I had on it, and the battery life was significantly back to normal. Be sure to check all the wireless/connect settings, including bluetooth, wifi, and gps.
above-mentioned is found from xda.(Great forum)
I can’t find the link.
Hope this will help.