Hi I have a question regarding battery life.

Hi I have a question regarding battery life.

What is the most battery efficient way to have constant internet access to internet?

  1. BT tethering
  2. 3G
  3. WIFI when I spend most time at home and work + BT tethering somewhere else
  4. WIFI when I spend most time at home and work + 3G somewhere else

Wifi will not provide constant connection, nor will 3g. Bt will but drains battery

@Lokifish_Marz I’ve tried with Wifi - turns off when watch sleep.
I’ve tried BT tethering with m2d notifications, barely a day (just reading notifications), and also getting double or even triple same notifications from whatsapp and/or groups)
I’ve tried turning off airplane mode, and use only BT tethering, same thing.
I’ve done factory reset as i think You said it can suppress drain battery with BT? didn’t work.
The best option I think would be WIFI on, with airplane mode on so it doesn’t drain the battery with constantly searching for signal, and use phone’s hotspot. Only problem is, I can’t seem to get WIFI to stay awake after watch “sleeps”…

Any ideas?

@Lokifish_Marz Hmm I’ve had that thing unchecked and still… I’ll try factory reset one more time… maybe I’ve done something wrong

Use connection refreshing tool from play store.

I have found using “Off screen automatically disconnect” function in the “power saving” settings helps. What it does is turn off WiFi when the screen is off. I found it saves battery. Also make sure you check out the battery history and some programs I have tried are battery hogs, though they were convenient they were not worth the amount of power they used.