Hi! I have a problem with battery on my kingwear kw88.

I have a problem with battery on my kingwear kw88.
I experienced battery drops from ~30%, ~70% and today from like 97% to zero instantly over the 4 days time.
It started happening the day after software update. Now i have KW88_CS1_B_GSM_PHT_20161104.
I don’t know the cause.

I’m sending the picture from today. Like I said from almost 100% to zero. I was watching a movie, looked at watch and then again after like 15min and it was dead. you can see i started charging it after some time. it was at 4% at the time of taking that picture.

i really hope you can help me,
Thanks in advance

When i had kw 88 had the same problem… Which charger are you using? Is it 2A?if yes try using a 0.7A or 0.5A one… For me the slow charging helped to retain more battery.

Thanks, it seems to work now that i changed from Apple’s 1A charger to Samsung’s 2A. thanks for pointing out that the charger was the problem

I had the same problem yesterday and i always used computers usb to charge w88, and all happened after updates.

Last update dran the battery very fast… you must downgrade

How to downgrade?


This ist the best firmware for me. Very stable and battery last very long