Hi.  I have a Finow X5,

Hi. I have a Finow X5, and I downloaded some extra faces using the “+” symbol on the screen. I would like to remove some of them. I have root access, so I looked through the directories, but only found the factory ones. Does anyone know where are the extra ones, or how to remove them? Thanks in advance!

Faces downloaded with “+” sign are stored under /data/clockskin. You need root access to delete them.

Or tick the minus symbol top right of preview watchface. This will uninstall it

Sorry to insist. I have root access, and I removed the /data/clockskin directory, but the faces still appear.
No minus symbol on the preview watchface, at least in this model! Any further idea?

If the faces that you want to remove are not in /data/clockskin nor in /sdcard/ClockSkin then they are embedded into the launcher.

same thing happened to my X5. where can i see the ClockSkin folder?

I found /data/clockskin and /system/ClockSkin, but those downloaded faces are not there.

@Armando_Perez What is the face that you are trying to remove? Please link a picture of it

There are several, but here is an example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45547034/P60712-155417.jpg