Hi, I have a Finow x5 and a T-Mobile sim card in Colorado,

Hi, I have a Finow x5 and a T-Mobile sim card in Colorado, near Denver. If anyone knows why I can not get the x5 to reciever a tower signal please let me know. I don’t want to send the watch back. T-Mobile techs over the phone can’t seem to figure it out. I have had a signal with only a slight dot in the smallest bar, only once for about 1 srcond.

Is it something to do with 2G and 3G?

No we have all of the APN information set as far as I know. Last night while ib the phone with a tech the blue G and a faint signal appeared for less than a second and never returned.

I think this is the third or at least second time I have answered this - check your IMEI and see if it is missing. Check here for a solution https://plus.google.com/u/0/107705277079377379833

I checked the number by dialing *#06# w hich I got it from Finow, and there is a very long number. So that is not the problem.

Finow says if there was no IMEI number the APN information was not complete, but there is one.
The odd thing I did get a signal for a split second once and never again. At least it looked like it there was a partial bar and a G lit up in blue. T-Mobile says it just will not work on their system.

Then - unfortunately it could be your 3G antenna causing the issue. It is located in the strap. Has the strap got any signs of damage or looseness? If not remove the back cover and locate the 3g antenna connector - it should be marked on the PCB. Make sure it has not become disconnected.

You could be the next can try. This worked for me.
The solution was turn off 3 G
and use only 2 G in Network mode.
Set preferred network for T-Mobile.
Hope that helps.

I think I had a similar problem in the UK… watch with a sim couldn’t keep a phone signal… I think that it was forever searching for a signal between 2G and 3G… resolved it by stopping it from searching - stayed with just 3G…

In the US you need to use 2g. So I have it set for only 2g.

If I set it for 2g and 3g. It will find T-Mobile 2g and AT&T 3g but it will not get a network signal.

Peter that is what I am doing and it doesn’t work. I don’t get it. This is my second watch with the same issue.

Peter what are your APN settings.

This is from the FAQ section…

Does it work with my carrier?
The device supports 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 3G 850 / 2100. Check with your carrier to see if they support those frequencies and if you have coverage in your area.

For the U.S.
AT&T 3G 850MHz coverage is fairly limited, so check with AT&T to make sure you are in a 3G 850MHz area. T-Mo users in the U.S will not get 3G service. AT&T and T-Mobile will be* stopping 2G service in the U.S.*. AT&T will be stopping 2G service in 2016. T-Mobile has not announce a time frame and just say “soon”.

Why can’t I get a working cellular connection?
Usually it’s because the APN is wrong. (i’ll finish this answer later)

Read more: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/28/general-faqs#ixzz4JvZlgyXr

You can the APN information from your provider or via the Internet (APN Settings for T-Mobile).
I think this is different per country. …???
Install Settings Search from Google Play Store, there you can see and change your settings easily.

All the APN and everything seems to be correct. T-Mobile says it is not compatible.

I give up. I’m sending it back.