Hi ! I have a bug with some watchfaces on my D7 with the

Hi ! I have a bug with some watchfaces on my D7 with the battery level. In fact some watchfaces shows the second number of battery level as the decade.
For exemple : when my battery is 58% the watchface shows 80 % or 8%,when it’s 57, it shows 70 % or 7 % (it depends of the watchface).
But with latest watchface (last lumix (4, 6 and 7 from zsolt m for exemple) I don’t have the problem (I have the problem with lumix 5).
Do you know what is the setting I have to change ?

TY !

D7 firmware buggy…

I’m designed my faces with current x/+ series, and tested with lemfo y3 and finow x5+, plus the unilauncher. All work fine…
D7 use smaller resolution: 360 x 360, maybe the shifted battery level in lumix 5 caused this.
I dont have this watch, try to tech forum. thanks

I know it’s buggy, but I thought I may change a setting of watchface …

By the way thank you

@zsolt_m it’s worse than that - it’s 240x240 :frowning:
@Pierre-Edouard_Alzon go to the D7 section in the support forum - but I think Zsolt is right.

Yes maybe it comes from the resolution for Lumix 5.
In fact I wanna know learn how is made (coded) a watchface… I didn’t find in the forum

@Pierre-Edouard_Alzon That not a skin issue. In CSM can u code… (ClockSkinmaker)

@zsolt_m Many thanks, I will give it a look !