Hi,I am a little lost in the way of installing new watch faces in

Hi,I am a little lost in the way of installing new watch faces in my DM368, have you a link that explains step by step how to do? first i open the zip in my PC,put it in the clock and after ? thanks.

DM368 stock launcher doesn’t allow installing new watch faces.
If you are using Universal Clockskin Launcher you can have a look here:

i don’t find how to do,i don’t know how to transform zip file to APK file !

thank, but i don’t want to create new faces,i just want to put new faces from zip file,i’m a beginner, and i don’t know how to do it step by step can you help me ,Thank you.

You asked to transform zip to apk, I answered to your request.
My first answer is THE answer

ok,sorry thanks

ok thank you very much!

BONJOUR? J’ai une DM368 depuis décembre,et celle-ci c’est mise subitement à s’allumer,s’éteindre s’allumer jusqu’à ce qu’il n’y ait plus de batterie,impossible de la recharger maintenant, car elle continue à s’allumer et s’éteindre alternativement, quelqu’un as t’il déjà rencontré ce problème,merci pour votre aide.

@olivier_couteau You entered a paint shop and asked “how to repair the engine of my car?”.
This is not the right place for this kind of question, go to the forum: