Hi i am a Little bit confused here.

Hi i am a Little bit confused here. We have one subgroup for x series, plus series Lem5… and a subgroup i2/kw88/Lem3 does both of the Groups make Skins for the ClockSkin Folder? Because on my s1 plus i can use watchfaces from both Groups. Does anyone have the same experience? Greets

I use watch faces from both Groups for the ClockSkin folder on my Finow X3 and works great.

@Ivica_Cosic thats why i was wondering why there is 2 Gropus altough both have clockskin Folder it seems. ANd as you said my s1 plus also can handle both Groups.

I tried it and it’s the same thing.

The skins which is full compatible with the original clockskin format : “X series skins”. Skins with reduced compatibility , or not full compatible, those" kw88 group". Some users don’t know that, and upload it to wrong category. Both format need to put in the watch, to clockskin folder.

@zsolt_m and both Format will work on the watches when put into the ColckSkin Folder? Or can i brick my phone if put something into the Folder which appear compatible at first?

No. Normally not will brick the watch. Some skin not load properly in cross platform, thats all.

@zsolt_m cool thanks good to know!