Hi Guys, quick question.

Hi Guys, quick question. I have a No1 D5 wich is stuck in boot-loop and won’t charge. Now have i read online that you can fix this with flashing a new rom. Now i’m running OS X. Is there a program that i can use in OS X?


Try disconnecting the battery first. If that fails you need to flash

i have :frowning: even for a few hours. So flash it is.
Thnx for the quick response :slight_smile:

I have the same Problem. Disconnecting Battery fails on my D5. So I think I must flash a new Rom but where can I find it? I am new on Google +. I have flashed many times before on my Galaxy Phones but this ist new. Is there a How To for the No.1 D5. I hope anyone can help me.

In the guides section is how to. In the firmware section is the firmware.
If you don’t use the new version of G+ it’s a lot easier to find things in the left hand sections menu

I found it and flashed succesfully. OT: Do you know which Launcher is the best for D5

Keep the stock one or you will lose the watch faces.

Succes! Thnx for the help!