Hi guys… I've been trying to use "moon phase" array,

Hi guys…

I’ve been trying to use “moon phase” array, but the result is a bit strange.
Today (jan 24th 2017), it’s the “full moon” which is displayed, but according to all the moon calendars, it’s almost the “new moon” (definitively NOT the full moon anyway)

My new face is ready, but i’d like to be sure about my “code” before publishing !

In my “clock_skin.xml” I have :


and the “moon_phase.xml” contains…

Moon_0.png Moon_1.png Moon_2.png Moon_3.png Moon_4.png Moon_5.png Moon_6.png Moon_7.png

Now the QUESTION is : is the moon phase “calculated” ? or queried somewhere over the net just like the weather ?

Any idea ?
Thank’s for your help !


There is an hard coded table for moon phases till 2020 inside the stock launcher.

got no idea but it looks grate

perhaps maybe the date on the watch is not correct
( you did wrote in the post jan 24th 2007 and not 2017 )

My launcher is buggy on Moon phase calculation…

Hello, thank’s for your answers…

Eric : i was not using your launcher but my D5+ watch

Momi : OMG, 2017 ? already ? no, my watch has the correct date (i did check by the way)

Ciro : hum. same for every watch ? (including D5+ ?)

When I look on other watch faces, it seems to display a full moon too, so the problem might be somewhere else.

Question : do you have a watch face “guarantied” to work fine, as a sample ?

I’ve post this on begining of this month. Something weird trig happand wrong calculation in kernel, and it will remain this status. It seems kernel get picture once till next phase and it cause another face also. I tried rename picture to get it back to new moon, then rename it back to original phase.

D5 get eight moon phases only. You can try to make .watch for test on mobile phone. That can count moon phase to day by day. This option with Eric’s apk will cause wrong moon phase for original faces. Take original X’s method or .watch is your choice.

I knew about the 8 phases (cf my xml declaration above) on D5 (and D5+ i guess)

I’m not using Eric’s apk, just the ClockSkin folder of my watch.

I’m confused… I thought “.watch” was only for androidwear.

What is X’s method ?

Here is my face, would you mind have a look at it ?

. watch are working with my App, but same Moon limitation for now so it will not work with this format also.

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz This forum says D5/D5+… belong to X series. I have same problem @ D5 W/WT Eric’s apk. This is X’s kernel bug. I have ask Eric make a seperate option on X’s folder and .watch for same reason to let user take .watch only at his apk. He has no schdule for it, too bad. And, .watch is better and more functions can design a good watch face. Thanks for Eric let X’s family can use .watch now.

Good News ! There was a missing part of code in the Moon calculation, i just filled the blank and voilà !!
Look for the 2.0.7 standalone experimental version…

héhé… well sounds like a good news indeed.
Anyway I’m still a bit confused about .watch support. Eric, would you mind email me ?
rtlannuzel - at - gmail - dot - com

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz just read here:

@Eric_Crochemore v2.0.7 standalone Crash at many faces…

Moon Phase is a real pain in the ass… And for some more fun (as if borked ROM wasn’t enough) it varies around the world… I am not using it any longer - too much trouble… (not that I got time for clockskins at the moment anyways :smiley: )

I do agree, and i’m working on something more fun (and usefull) using the moon… ;o)

@Jesse_Wu tell me which face si that i Can correct it.

@Eric_Crochemore Casio PROTREK v11 & others with some {xxx} vars. Rolex skydweller also - It seems reach to the end of .watch list in the folder. And, D5 all goes to dim mode while I’m at daytime. I have no idea how to recover it back to normal.

@Eric_Crochemore I have checked .watch list. Standalone crash while swip after Rolex skydweller. I can not tell more after this.
I can report Timezone1~/Weather forcast 1~/GPS/Sunrise & Sunset etc. do not work.

Just updated the 2.0.7 you can try, but it doesn’t seem like 2.0.6 was working on this skin…@Jesse_Wu