Hi guys, Im new to this awesome world of smart watches! And I have

Hi guys, Im new to this awesome world of smart watches! And I have a problem, Im using a Y3 smartwatch and I dont seem to be able to find the “Clockskin” folder as suggested by other developers… I’ve look around the file manager, but cant seem to find it… Help please, until then, I can only just admire the images of these watch faces… :frowning:

@Gioele_1334 There is a File manager app, Im I supposed to create a new folder named “Clockskin”? Also the zip files I download seem to get lost after they are downloaded, (It doesnt appear under downloads or anywhere) what do I do?

@Gioele_1334 It is possible to create new folders

Folder name is probably “ClockSkin”.

@Eric_Crochemore I created a folder called “ClockSkin” downloaded an extracting Zip files app and extracted the files on the “ClockSkin” folder… It still doesnt work :((

So maybe it’s like the kw88, look on the forum for the how to.

@Cool_Iio just install @Eric_Crochemore launcher. It will be fine. Also available on our sister forum


@Eric_Crochemore Got a bit lost going through the six page thread… @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Once I install the launcher everything (i.e Easily downloading watchfaces) will be fine? Please tell me, installing the Eric laucher isn’t as hard as I think it would be…