Hi guys, I was just wondering,

Hi guys, I was just wondering, with all these new HIGH END SMARTWATCHES having this “ALWAYS ON” Feature where the watch screen never goes off, thats the only thing smartwatch users on the lower end lack.
So to come to think of it, Is it even possible to get an update or a launcher to compete with the high end smart watches like Samsung and tag heuer?

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@Cool_Iio Hey man, if you search the previous posts, you’ll find an app supports this feature ‘Always on display’. But it maybe not as you imagined. Not as the Samsung and Tag Heuer, which has two watchface, one dim and one bright.

@Cool_Iio We even beta tested a very low ambience always on watch face with the firmware company for a while on 2 of these watches. It worked but the price to pay in battery loss was too great. We may decide to keep it as an option for those who don’t really care about battery life - but not sure yet. If it is kept - it only allows a non custom face due to nature and variables of custom faces.

@Will_Smith ​ Did try searching but didnt come across any thing similar

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Is the beta tested method similar to the currently used method of smartwatches samsung and tag? Or does these watches come with some sort of epaper to save battery?

@Sajid_Ameen it is nothing like samsung or tag. It’s the same as an Android phone. So you can only run a very low light level app to have an always on screen. Basically it is best to just forget it. Just think how much battery you would use if you left your phone on dim screen all the time. It;s the same deal here …

@Sajid_Ameen Hey man, I can’t find the post anymore. :frowning: As Pablo said, it is an app which controls the screen of your watch. You can set it always on.