Hi guys. I need some help.

Hi guys. I need some help.
On my D5 I never had problems in adding clock skins but this morning, trying to add a brand new clock skin, the D5 did not show it on the watch.
In other words, I can see on the ClockSkin folder the folder with the new skin added, but when I disconnect the D5 from the PC, the skin is not present at all on the watch. I also tried to add a different clock skin but it seems that is now impossible to add any of them and I can see only the ClockSkins I added before this issue happened.
Any idea how to re-make working the ClockSkin folder?

basic thing but have you rebooted the watch ?

How to reboot? I just tried to switch it off and on… but nothing change.

With stock launcher, remember to change to first skin before any change in clockskin folder to avoid problems

I am not too keen with android… How to reboot a D5?

I cannot download Stock Launcher since the round format of the watch does not allow me to do it and I do not use stuff like mobizen. Any other way to reboot using the watch settings or the App Setting Search (which I have installed)? Thank you in advance for your help.

Must reboot…

Settings and later backup in English in Spanish is copia de seguridad… there you can backup your device…

Later you install again all clock skins but are you sure the format is the correct for that skin???

Yes. He worked well till a minute before. Then trying to change a folder with a new skin version it did not show the new added faces any longer. I also tried with a previous working skin that I had deleted in the past, and now I cannot add it to the clokskin folder either. I mean, in the folder the clockskin is present with all its files, but it is not shown as a watch faces.

Really strange, you can try with m’y launcher, or reset the watch to Factory, and re install all…

Just to let you know that I have deleted a folder with a clock skin inside the ClockSkin folder directly from the file manager of my watch. Then I connected the watch to the PC via usb and placed a new clock skin (the one that did not worked this morning)… And magically, this time the clock face appeared on my watch.
Maybe, before rebooting, if someone has my same problem could try to do the above. In my case it worked!
Thank you all for your posts.