Hi guys! How is your battery life (KingWear KW88)? In my case, with luck,

Hi guys!

How is your battery life (KingWear KW88)? In my case, with luck, 6 hours (with usage)…

10-12 with little usage, during work hours. Hope this will increase with this morning’s fresh update!!!

This afternoon I will update!! Thanks Jean!

I’m not receive ota upgrade !!!

@Francesco_F_Monkey_s Be patient, it will come!!!

Do you guys experiment losing bluetooth pairing when away from your phone for a couple of minutes???

Sinwear needs some serious work

my endlessly remains on this screen , it does not say that there are updates and do that there are

both with wifi is 3g

30 minutes for loop


have you updated to the last firmware?

guys, USE M2D it is better notifications app and allows you to reply WHapps.

I always says invalid data from network

@Francesco_F_Monkey_s , you allready got a great answer from @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 …>>leave it alone and try another day. It’s like all updates …not everyone gets them the same time

Ok man attemps to receive ota upgrade

Hello guys ! Did you notice any progress both with the battery life and the Sinwear App ?
In 7 weaks can this watch be used for a full day ?
If I want to use it as a follow along watch (means just the BT will be on all day), will it be ok for a full day of use ?

I’m waiting for its shippment but whenever I read, all the reviews says that it’s really a bad choice :frowning: Hope you can give some feedbacks after 7w of use! Thanks

I get about 6-8 hours out of my watch

I use mine and it lasts me all day

@sonia_sophie_ataunna can u please give me the link of M2D

@Alaa_Syrian you can get it on the play store
For the watch you need the m2d receiver
For the phone you need the m2d sender
And for both of them you need BT manager