Hi guys ! Been away for a while and this face took me A

Hi guys !

Been away for a while and this face took me A LOT of time.

I’ve been trying to represent the moon phases but I finaly resigned and had another idea. It’s not the moon phases anymore but a moon eclipse…

And guess what : the eclipse represents the battery LEVEL !

Full moon : 100%
Full eclipse : 0%

I’m really proud of this idea and I really hope the eclipse shall work on your watch as it does on mine (D5+). (This is what took a lot of time, the background design was done already)

If the eclipse does not work, just let me know (not sure i can do anything anyway)


As usual, AND MORE THAN EVER, if you decide to use this face, PLEASE make any donation to any charity or association you like , as a paiement to MY job (which is FREE and always be!). Thank’s.

Here is the face :


Nice job. Is working…d5+

I really appreciate your “+” but would be nice if you told me if it works on “your” watch…
Not sure about the behaviour of the “battery rotate value” for every model. If every one is happy, that’s cool ;o)

Good work on KW88. Excellent idea! Thank you very much!
missing/deleted image from Google+

I’m glad it works… and i must admit i’m really “proud” of this idea. It’s fun, nice and so much more usefull than moon phases (who cares ;o)

On my Finow x5+ it represents the battery status, so it does not represent the actual moon phase.

Is this the effect you desired? Must say it is a fantastic idea. I haven’t programmed a clock face yet, but here is an other idea: isn’t it possible to ‘misuse’ the battery indicator as an extra placeholder for extra parameters, such as cloudiness, weather temperature? Or do I then have to build an apk instead?

yes, I know, that’s the idea. You should have read more carefully my post :stuck_out_tongue:

And IMO the battery status is way more important to most people than the moon phase.

At least, moon phases don’t look like this !
Eclipses do ;o)

Take care,
Roland, Paris, France

Very nice!
(Oooh I hope everything turns well for you in Paris) :frowning:

Thank’s for your comment and your thought about Paris. I hope everything is going to calm down… ;o)