Hi guys. Anyone who could recommend a round-display-friendly battery drain meter?

Hi guys.
Anyone who could recommend a round-display-friendly battery drain meter? I’ve had the KW88 for a few days now, but standby never goes over 6-7 hours. Drives me crazy!

The only things that are permanently active: wrist wake up gesture, Eric’s launcher, Didi’s Cronosplit watchface. BT, GSM, wifi, etc - all OFF.
( + a few minutes on wifi or BT, 3 times weather sync)



Try reset to default settings and few times discharge battery to minimum. My watch had same problem… Now one day with bluetooth but without WiFi… :frowning:

Try updating the firmware either via OTA or download and flash via this link :-

I think that the latest firmware 20161215 is not ready for all via OTA though and is currently available through download.

@Martin_Feledik I don’t believe that this will help a lot (as the watch is 5 days new and the battery has allways been used 100% > 0%), but I will give it a try and let you know.

@Zebri_Shaari_Zeb I didn’t know that there was a newer version available. Thanks. Have you tested this release yourself? Good experience?

Back to the beginning - any tip for a usable battery meter so I can see if there is a secret battery draining process or app?

@Michal_Kuti Don’t know, but update m’y launcher to new version 1.1.1 for battery issue.

@Eric_Crochemore 1.1.1 installed. I have a problem to run it, though. It asks me nowhere to run it. No defaults set as far as I can see. Any help highly appreciated

@Michal_Kuti this version has an icon to launch it.

@Eric_Crochemore I am sorry, maybe my fault. I uninstalled, rebooted, insralled again and it works fine. I will hsare test results later on.

@Michal_Kuti I did it and now works correct ( everyday charging). Before reset I tried update firmware ( wireless upgrade) And became answer cannot update via OTA… Now after using wireless upgrade I have answer: Currently the latest version

@Martin_Feledik which reset do you mean exactly? Menu > settings > reset equipment and then factory reset - or another one?
Currently with @Eric_Crochemore ​’s launcher v 1.1.1 and the same settings I mentioned above, I got some 10 hours of batt. life. (Thank you, Eric) I will give it one more chance tomorrow and if it doesn’t get to at least 12 hours, I will flash the watch to the latest 12/2016 fw.
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@Michal_Kuti yes