Hi friends. I have a problem.

Hi friends. I have a problem. Yesterday I downloded some new skins for my D5. When I turned on the watch again this is all I get. It stops. I can access it through my laptop, so I’ve deleted all my skins in case they caused the problem, but it didn’t help.

Is there any way to do a master reset?

Unfortunately it looks like you will need to flash your firmware. It’s actually not that bad and you can find out how in the guide section.

Ah sweet. Thank you so much for an answer. I will find the instructions and do my best. Why did this happend? You know?

@Andreas_Haugen the launcher app (which controls the watch faces) gets corrupted now and again. Unfortunately, as the launcher controls access to all other apps as well, you end up being stuck.

And what solution is?

Could you unplug the battery for a few minutes then plug it back it? see if that fixes it

I already answered - the solution is a couple of posts above this one :slight_smile:

Everything is now ok. Flashed the firmware by following the youtube video to @SmartWatch_Ticks ​. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: