Hi Friends, Happy Monday Today I'm release new custom watch faces based on sevenfriday

Hi Friends, Happy Monday
Today I’m release new custom watch faces based on sevenfriday watch.

it’s donation watch face, but it’s also available for free to download. if you like to support up please consider to make a donation.

Original Design :

Download Here : https://goo.gl/59N9sS

Hi Julian… looking good :slight_smile:

There seems to be a few of these around at the moment… did you make it from scratch or have you converted somebody else’s watch (android wear?)


I’ve create it from scratch with Coreldraw and Adobe Photoshop software

Well done :slight_smile:

thanks @Andrew_Davis , I know, somebody post it already, it was too late for me it’s finished yesterday but I’m able to post it today.

Very nice :slight_smile: Thanks.

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

@Julian_H_Jharrvis Don’t worry… there’s room for everybody’s work :slight_smile: and it’s good to be able to compare designer’s skills…

@Julian_H_Jharrvis , I see your post for a few days with sevenfriday image P-Series and gave me the idea of making the M-Series. But if you want I delete / withdraw my post with M-Series. Tell yourself that you want I delete my post.

@Sergio_Paulo1 I like your watch too :slight_smile:

Thanks @Andrew_Davis . But it is true that I see the idea of @Julian_H_Jharrvis and I just wanted to complete the series, didn’t even know he was going to offer M-Series.

Hi @Sergio_Paulo1 It’s OK, no problem mate don’t need to withdraw your post. it’s not my original design anyway.

Ok @Julian_H_Jharrvis , it´s not mine too, only was to complete the series. So we have to make the V-Series. :slight_smile:

yes, go ahead.

Marvellous work. Extremely hiTech. Great job @Julian_H_Jharrvis ​. Can u make this for Zenwatch android wear too…

Hey @Julian_H_Jharrvis would you be ok with KingWear using these or one of them for their new watch the KW98? With credit to you - of course…

It’s OK but since it’s use for commercial please consider to donate :). Also I’ll release new watch face. My own design. Maybe tomorrow.

all good Julian - I realised afterwards that it would not be appropriate for use on a commercial watch as it is a homage to another maker. I also think that as the recipient watchmaker is a supporter of the site that donations may be inappropriate. They will be crediting your work if you choose to donate to help promote your efforts but I don’t think money would change hands. It’s a matter of choice though. Great if you want to donate but no need to if you don’t want to.

I wish if I could donate you. I’m from Bangladesh and I don’t have paypal or international credit card!

Help !!!como lo puedo instalar en mi finow x5?