Hi friends anyone interested want me to upload?

Hi friends anyone interested want me to upload? Still need some work on some shadows and then it’s ready. Greets

I like it. Please go ahead and upload it.
I will use it for sure :+1:

@Jurgen_Oberst I like it.We’re waiting for the upload.

@Houssam_Jazairli this community has its name for a reason. Comment removed.

Upload, Upload, Upload, Upload, u know u want 2, lol. Nice work by the way.

C’mon man why u share this face if u dont want to share link…??? Delite post!!!

@Milosh_Dobrijevich it’s not finished yet patience mate! And if you read again I was asking if there is interest to upload it :slight_smile: so stay tuned…

@Jurgen_Oberst i dont see point to ask at first place… lol… specialy when its cool face… im waiting 𗀏𗀞

Please show some respect for @Jurgen_Oberst A lot of work goes into making these and it is free.
Luckily he is not offended but he could be.
It will be ready when it’s ready…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ok…
Me wanty.

@Louis_Peek it’s already published :slight_smile: have fun.

@Jurgen_Oberst GOT IT! AWESOME! TY!

@Louis_Peek ur welcome mate

what watch is that? love the case and face, I have the Lem8 very roundish this one is my style.

@Chris_wilson Microwear H2

@Chris_wilson don’t buy it!!! It’s crap I also loved the design but the watch started to fall apart after 5-6month not worth to buy!

@Jurgen_Oberst have to agree :slight_smile: