Hi Folks, Here is the package to ROOT the Zeblaze Blitz watch (ONLY)...

Hi Folks,

Here is the package to ROOT the Zeblaze Blitz watch (ONLY)…

As usual, do it at your own risks…

EDIT : KW88 edition will be there soon… Be patient…

EDIT : If someone got problems with supersu not there after install, try to replace install_root.bat in the package with the one in the google drive. You can also install supersu from google play store after flashing the package, it will update the SU binary and also correct any apk issues.


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @SmartWatch_Ticks Hi m8, go test my package ^^

whether it can be used for kw88?

@ama_bibie No, modified boot image is for blitz only…

sorry…I did root my mobiles old time ago…but with rooting of zeblaze and kw88 what added Apps will be, and new features?
I know it sounds stupid question…but just wondering.
thank you

@Khalid_Naji Well, with rooted device you can perform system modifications, repair features like APN not working, change system applications to tweak things up, make more free space on your watch and many other things that you cannot do if you are not rooted ^^

Thank you dear.
I have done this long time ago with the first Google 1 HTC and my Iphone jailbreak only.
The only added value was themes, use of devices etc.
Hope the value here for our community that it will resolve issues with skins for examples…and other useful thing.
I will wait for the demonstration to learn from this lovely community.
Thank you again for your response.

Hi, try now, follow guide, but no root… Inide these are also more watch faces?

For what…zeblaze?

@Olimatou ​ Thank you for providing the package to root the watch. I was able to root the Blitz, however, I don’t see the hidden watch faces. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give us some instructions. Thank you.

Hi, Olivier. Does this work with Z9, too? Are they identical?

@Olimatou hi, sorry I haven’t been in touch lately. I’ve been recovering from an operation.
I used the existing TWRP that Ciro made on the kw88. Even though it is inverted I managed to get to the menu and adb sideload SuperSu. It has been working fine so it does not have the secure boot issue I had with the I2. Installed busybox and all good.
Just FYI…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Hi Pablo, hope you will restore yourself fast ^^ Don’t know if you are aware that you can issue commands with adb to make twrp actions within recovery. For example, adb shell “twrp install /sdcard/supersu.zip” … “twrp wipe cache”, “twrp wipe dalvik”, etc…

@Krisztian_Sere No, it only works with Zeblaze Blitz…

@No_Mo @Claudio_Corti Will add the modded APK (Watchnew.apk) in the Google+ folder for download. Replace the system app with this one (mv old one to .bak), allow untrusted sources in dev. options, chmod 644 on the apk, then reboot. It will add more Faces to your watch…

@Khalid_Naji Have a glimpse at my last post, you will see what root can permit on your watch

@Olimatou thanks mate.
Yep, I was aware of the commands with TWRP but haven’t used them yet…
It will be interesting to see if your modified http://watchnew.apk works on the KW88…
Especially interested to see if they have allowed for the screen resolution differences …

So do I understand correct, KW88 (thumbs crossed) might get TWRP and Root soon, but IQI I2 is not due to locked bootloader? (And nobody has the key?)

@Kenneth_Tan hi Kenneth,
It means that - yes we have a TWRP recovery that @Ciro_Danise has made for the KW88.
Unfortunately the User Interface is inverted by 180 degrees (however - the corresponding touch points beneath the UI are in the correct place) and for most users this creates an issue. As you can imagine - with the interface presented this way it is easy to make a mistake and even format your device by mistake. This issue is complex - a few of us have investigated the code involved and we still have not resolved the issue. I believe that we may need to use an older version of TWRP which supports UI rotation to get around this.

IQI I2 - we have a fully working TWRP made by @Ciro_Danise . All functions are working correctly. However - if you make any alteration to the system partition (flash SuperSU for example) and reboot - the watch will be unusable because a crypto lock or similar security flag is raised. The boot will finish with a “locked” system partition. Full SP tools flash is needed to recover from this.

Zeblaze Blitz - @Ciro_Danise has also made a TWRP recovery for this watch. He has tested it without issue and it seems stable - no system security issues.
However - another user @Olimatou has indicated that his system has the security flag and he needed to alter the boot image to successfully get around the security issue.

So bottom line is - KW88 - yes it can be done (I have rooted mine without issue) but the recovery needs polishing to prevent user error.

IQI I2 - no go yet.

Blitz - test and see how it goes - mixed reports of success and failure.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ thank for this clear and detailed answer.
I’ll let it rest for a while now until things get resolved.
Done some damage in the past that makes me think twice before flashing.
Until now I don’t need root, maybe if KLWP is better than Zooper.
I’m looking into that now.
Get well soon.

For the forum…
What are cons for the IQI I2…?expecting one soon.

Most watches that utilise the MTK6580 work exactly the same (there are some minor differences in hardware (buttons, camera, display) and some have a more or less locked bootloader…

The Pro’s of the IQI is that it’s a very nice dress watch.
I own a KW88 and the I2. I use both depending on what clothes I wear.
They are configured the same, so only the ouside differs. I2 is classy, the KW88 is sporty.
Both are not not waterproof, where I believe hte I2 is more water resistant to moisture than the KW88 because the simcard door has openings that let moisture in.

Great…thanks for the quick information.
Love them all.