Hi everyone. Short update.

Hi everyone. Short update. I was/am absent because the company i work for moved to other location and i had/have the responsibility to organize the move of my department to a new building icluding new interior of the office and all arround. God i can tell you its a hell of a job stressy and made me tired to deal with the employees and companies wich was ordered to move all the stuff and so on. So pls have mercy with me ^^
I lost my charging cable and am without my watch for a month now or so. So when i ll upload a requested watchface tomorrow u will have to test it for me and give me feedback if somethiing doesnt work because i cant test it till new cable arrive. Week later i am on holiday for 3 weeks and abroad visiting Poland so will not be present here as well. Greets to everyone!

Ok, i do with my Finow X5 Air