Hi everyone.. I would like to hear from other users of Finow X3 plus

Hi everyone… I would like to hear from other users of Finow X3 plus about their experience with this amazing smartwtch. Thank you in advance.

It’s a great watch :slight_smile: battery life is fairly good if you don’t have wifi or 3g on all the time. Voice typing works with the stock keyboard out of the box (need to download the off-line language pack for Google now) . It also has the ability to switch to a square screen with the round screen to help access the difficult to reach buttons.
And of course - you can use all the great watch faces here in the community on the watch. I like it :slight_smile:

Yes all of these are true…but the batterry life is quite variable

New firmware available - OTA available now.

Has fixes for battery reporting and management and the square fit menu option in display settings. Also fixes the no audio for incoming calls bug.

I installed the update you shared in a previous post. Is that the same one?

It’s an OTA which was released last night. You have to download it from the watch in Settings - about watch. You will need 80% battery to install it.

Ok I know. Thanks.

i think i will recive this watch today in some hours … so @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 there are ota updates! Very nice

yep - and a good improvement as well :slight_smile:

best sync app ??

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ where can I found some round apps for our watch ? I tried to install Google fit for training but I can’t go straight because I have to press some buttons that I can’t see … now I’m trying to install sport traker

Doesn’t the new option for third party apps in the display settings help at all?

In some maybe yes, but not every app

Ok, worth a shot

Please, tell me, you’re forced to use 3g, or you can use 2g (to save some battery juice)? I don’t get it… my apologies

why don’t you ask in the general section ? This is not the right place.

But you can use 2g or 3g

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I beg your pardon, mine was related to your comment “It’s a great watch :slight_smile: battery life is fairly good if you don’t have wifi or 3g on all the time”. Anyway, thank you.

ahh, I see. You can understand my confusion. If you tag me it’s a lot easier to understand that you are asking me something.
So my apologies - but I stand by the point that your question would have been better served in the general section for these watches.
So my point - in reply to the guy who first asked the question was - if you have 2G network on most of the time and only use 3g/WiFi when needed - you save battery power. 3G and WiFi and Bluetooth are battery eaters. You may even try Bluetooth tethering to your phone to share it’s internet connection.
Personally I don’t do this because I like to leave my phone behind a lot of the time.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 My bad, and thank you again for your prompt reply. I’m totally into X3+, so, I’m ‘studying’ it :slight_smile: Cheers.

so i suppose that it’s not possible to have a 2-3 days with one charge like sony smartwatch 3 or gear s2 … right ?