Hi everyone, i would like create my owne skin, which software use you ?

Hi everyone, i would like create my owne skin, which software use you ?



You could use the search facility on the site or click on my avatar and scroll to the earliest of my posts :slight_smile:

Thanks Andrew.

@Gregory_Benuszak There are many talented watchskin designers here… each have developed their own way of creating special techniques and effects… rotating, swinging, flashing, animated, depth, day-night… follow your favourites and ask them for tips if you get stuck… and enjoy making something :slight_smile:

If you have android wear watch, you just need watmaker app paid version to start creating

@Jose_F Android Wear??? I agree with you that an android wear app to create watch faces for an android wear watch would be a good plan… I just wonder why you’d need that advice on a non-android wear site?

@Tim_Costello I was going to say that :wink:


I work on Mac too. I use photoshop (I agree with tim with 800x800 or bigger, but i sometime start with 400x400 too, dépends ton projects)

Then to edit the clock_skin.xml file, I use “textmate” or “textwrangler” they are both fine (any other would work too, this xml is really simple)

To understand how this xml file is structured, i recommand this website where the basics are xemplained :

Have fun !

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz I looked at the xml tutorial and I see that hour hand has the normal one rotation per 12hrs. How can this be doubled, so that it rotates once every day. If making a slow watch with all 24hrs on the dial.

@Sasa_Kurtovic use the tag mulrotate:
“minus” sign stands for “divide”.
Have fun !

Thanks a lot! Still a newbie but I will probably figure it out. :slight_smile: Still waiting for the device.

@Sasa_Kurtovic Everyone has been a newbie someday. You’re welcome !