Hi Everyone I just bought No1 D5,

Hi Everyone

I just bought No1 D5,

I totally love it except the battery life, i am not using wifi,blue tooth or 3g data

only using it to ck time and maybe 5-10 sms in whole day

and the battery goes for only 7hrs before reaching 10 percent.

what should i do ?

Are wifi, bluetooth and 3g turned off? Just because you don’t use them, doesn’t mean they aren’t draining power.

Yes they are off

I often keep mine in “aeroplane mode” until I want to make a call… after 5 hours it’s often still showing 100%…

What apps have you downloaded?

i disabled health app (with the settings search app from playtore), now the battery lasts for 2 days with always on gps, 3g, sometimes wifi (k9 3g) .

The very first time try to recharge the battery only when is really low (10%).

I also go to “close recent apps” quite often.

Doing so, and using my D5 like yours, my battery lasts at least 3/4 days.

ok thanks, i will try this all

problem solved, thanks to you all

I let the battery drain till full and then charge it full.

now it is giving 1 to 1.5 day with little phone and wifi use

I’ve also found that limiting the number of processes in developer settings helps my s8 stay on longer than usual, and would think that could help any watch with dev settings.

it’seem battery down so fast when wifi on