Hi everyone ... I have a problem with connecting my kw 88 with my

Hi everyone … I have a problem with connecting my kw 88 with my nexus 5x over bluetooth… The devices pair but they dont connect… When i try to sync them over sinwear it display’s that the device is already connected… I tryed all the usual solutions, reseting both devices , turning bluetooth on and off, reinstaling the app- sinwear, wipeing cache, forgeting the device then pairing again, and nothing works… My watch is on android 5.1 03.09.2016. build number, and the nexus is on android 7.0… If u can help in any way please do :slight_smile:

i got the same issue. i think sinwear doesn’t support android 7.0 yet. i paired with my nvidia shield tablet android 6.0 it works perfectly.

I knew it… Ok ill try to flash the 6.0.1 on my phone and report back :slight_smile:

Hi Sasa, are you able to Flash my KW88?
as far as I understand you did it already on this device? My phone only try to start coming up, but only the starting Picture with the balloons is coming up after every 10 sec. and I guess also the battery is empty is not charging with charger or PC. I`m in Austria, you are nearby that you can help me?
thank you in advance.

Dear Sasa, can You please provide me one more time the soft for KW88? (cs1-20160930), something is wrong with the scatter…thank You in advance, kr Gottfried


Dear Sasa, no Chance to get from side you mentiond, is there another way? I would Need the Firmware KW88_CS1_B_20160903, please try to provide, thank you in advance. kindly Gottfried.