Hi everyone, Another announcement to keep you all informed about what's happening around here.

Hi everyone,
Another announcement to keep you all informed about what’s happening around here.
We have recently re-established our relationship with No1. As you know, from previous products like the D5 and D5+ - we have always had an attachment to their products.
Anyway - fans of their watches will be glad to know that we are now officially supporting them again :slight_smile:
This also means that we have opened up technical support channels in our sister forum http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/ .
So - when a new product is released - like the D7, D8 or D5 Pro - we are supporting it. Any issues or problems will be dealt with as soon as possible and the same goes for all their new products from now on.
The latest model (D7) is completely different to that which we have become used to. It uses a new platform called FunOS. Which in turn uses the FunFit android application on your phone. It can be used in classic or new format.
The usual watch face .zip’s found here, can be used in the normal way with the ClockSkin folder or even transferred from phone to watch using the FunFit app (yet to be tested and confirmed) via Bluetooth.
Anyway - this model and the D8 and the D5 Pro (1gb ram - 16gb storage) and all the other new models will be under our support matrix. Firmware and support will be available.
Attached is an image of the D7 - 1.3" screen, 1gb ram / 8gb storage. 500mah battery using the less power hungry dual core MTK 6572 soc. This gives a longer battery life than we are used to - real data yet to be confirmed but it looks good :slight_smile:
So - welcome back No.1 :slight_smile:
More information here:

nicely done Welcome back NO 1

@SmartWatch_Ticks When will you make a review for this? Thx.

@Will_Smith @SmartWatch_Ticks is preparing one as we speak. It should be available here when he’s ready…For now - check out the new section in the support forum…

Review from Mr Ticks …

Thanks, I received the notifications as soon as Mr Ticks uploaded his vid.